Alli (alli) wrote,


So the Santa Clause parade is tomorrow at 5:30, the forcast says rain. We've had rain for the past few weeks and I am tired of it, really.

Despite the rain however I am finding myself getting wrapped up in the "magic" of it all. I am looking forward to standing at the parade getting wet, watching the boys having fun watching and puddle splashing. Joey is a really good puddle jumper who can spot a great one miles away.

I can not wait to put my lights on the balcony. Normally there is no xmas decorations of any sort till the first weekend of December. BUT the HECK with tradition! I'm starting a new one! the decorations go up the weekend of the Santa Clause Parade! Can't wait.

Husband wont be to happy when I tell him when he gets home from work. oh well ! Happy Holidays!
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