Alli (alli) wrote,

Well the kids are somewhere on the main land!!! It's amazing to think that it would take a 30 min car ride to the farry's, a 2 hour farry ride, another 10 HOUR car ride just to get to them if there was an emergancy (provided they aren't on the other island they are staying - that would add another 30 mins?).

Thankful for the wonderful grandparents / aunt who have taken them for the 2 weeks!! I really do have pretty great (most of the time) in-laws.

In other news... my younger sister moved out here a year and a half ago. My older sister is comming for a visit this weekend. One has never camped... ever!!!! and she's almost 30! the other has only camped once... that was over 20 years ago with the Girl Guilds. I'm taking them camping and making them totally rough it while I take most of the comfort (ie air mattresses, the good big tent etc.). They are insisting on one day only... well, since one day is sunrise to sunset we will check in Saturday afternoon and checkout Monday at 11am. 1 day is one full day... there is no half days with a night thrown in... one full day and 2 nights - and a really good food fight just because they don't like to get dirty!!! I dont mind the dirt so much as the boys are now 4 and 6 and we know how to get dirty.
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Hi there Alli,
Good to know that you've become a happy stay-at-home mom and wife!
Lost track of your journal since the time you're about to have surgery done on your knees, glad to hear that all went well and lost weight some years later :)
Best wishes for you and all your family!